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 There’s More To Mt. Rushmore Than Meets The Eye
Okay, let’s address the 500 pound elephant that’s standing in the room. Actually, it’s 400,000 tons and it’s not an elephant at all. The sculpture at Mt. Rushmore continues to claim the title of the World’s Largest Sculpture and with good reason.

John Gutzon Borglum, one seriously inspired sculptor, and 400 hard-working stone masons and laborers, worked tirelessly for 6 years to create the huge stone faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. Each President’s head stands 60 feet high, or as tall as a six story building, and each eye is an amazing 11 feet wide.

Rising tall against the backdrop of the fabled Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Rushmore National Park is definitely a sight to see. However, if you’re planning a vacation to the Black Hills JUST to see Mt. Rushmore, you’re going to run out of things to do after the first day and the second roll of film. And that would be a shame because there is much more than Mt. Rushmore going on in those Black Hills.

As long as you’re planning to come and see Mt. Rushmore anyway, you might as well double your pleasure by coming in August and taking part in the fun and festivities surrounding the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. With a 60-year uninterrupted history of bringing bikers and their families together from around the country and around the world – it just might be the oldest continually-operating motorcycle rally in the U.S.

Whether you’re a hard-core biker blowing smoke out of twin hog pipes or you’re a weekend rider straddling a Honda, everyone is family at the Sturgis Rally. A biker rally may sound a bit too rough for some, but kids are welcome and plentiful. In fact, some of the bikers filling up the area campgrounds attended their first Sturgis Motorcycle Rally as babies strapped to the backs of their motorcycle mammas!

Although there are brand-name hotels in and around Sturgis, SD, the home of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, you’re not going to get the whole “party hearty and meet a lot of great folks” experience unless you hang your hat and park your bike at one of the area’s campgrounds.

Hey, don’t worry – we’re not talking about rolling out your sleeping bags and sleeping out under the stars (although you can do that if it turns you on). We’re talking about campgrounds with cabins and cottages that can sleep your whole crew as well as showers, clean restrooms, laundry facilities, and plenty of food and drink. Some of the larger campgrounds have RV hookups as well, just in case you’re towing your motorcycles to the Sturgis Rally.

And just like the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally itself, these campgrounds are safe and family-friendly. But you might want to check out any private parties that you’re invited to, if you’re planning on dragging the kids along. That’s because some of the friskier biker chicks tend to lose their tops when the beer starts flowing!

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